holy jesus...

Welp... Somehow I manage to finish something...

In a few days, I'm planning on writing up a full post-mortem explaining how stressful this was haha, but in short:

  • Computer issues for the first 3 days of game jam [ and, of course, persisting throughout ]
  • Couldn't actually work on anything until 1 day & 16 hours left
  • Overly estimated what I could accomplish, and foolishly thought I could create a pokemon-style battle encounter system
  • 24 hours remaining... I scrap the entire concept [ literally the only bit of code I kept is the walking code... ]
  • Go to bed... That was actually the most enjoyable thing over this course lol
  • ~12 hours remaining, decide to do a pokemon snap type of thing instead
  • More computer issues, eating food, real life event, and, of course, game bugs

Let me paint a beautifully appropriate picture of the general vibe during the development of this game:

With 5 minutes left to submit, I finish up the very basic opening menu / splash screen, build the game, and upload it, hurray!
Oh, wait... I forgot, I commented out the code that enables the 'PLAY' text to be clickable... Ok, uncomment, rebuild, reupload, hurray!
Oh, wait... I forgot, the music was muted while I was developing the game... Ok, unmute, rebuild, reupload, hurray!
Oh, wait... I forgot, I use a Colemak layout, most people use QWERTY... Ok, new controls, rebuild, reupload, hurray!
Oh, wait... I forgot, I set the monster spawn rate to be a 50/50 chance for testing purposes... Ok, rebalance, rebuild, reupload, ...fuckin' hurray yet?

You feel me? Alright, I'm gonna go eat, sleep, and start putting odd little game behind me. I do wanna end on a positive note, however. I'm really looking forward to Steem Monsters. I like the concept, I like the community vibe, I like it overall. If you haven't yet checked it out, I promise it's worth your attention.

I will be participating [ hopefully a bit better ] in any future game jams that the Steem Monsters team hosts. Stress and all, I still had fun.

Thanks for reading, playing, and breathing.

Take care! :^)


SteemMonsters_Snap_v0.11.zip Play in browser
Aug 30, 2018

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