just take some pics & relax :^)

every time you move [ forwards or backwards ], there's a 1 in 4 chance a monster will popup. you gotta be quick to catch a good photo of it!

specific monsters will spawn depending on the biome your in:

earth monsters in grassy-tiles

water monsters in water-tiles

death monsters in dark rocky tiles


left click to take pictures, right click to view the pictures you've captured

wasd, frst [ for my colemak bros ], or arrows to walk & turn

if you get stuck, lost, or bugged the fuck out, use press the ESC key to reset the level


Monster Art & Steem Monsters Concept - Steem Monsters

Polaroid Camera - Yoann Siloine on Unsplash

Background Music - Incompetech [ Thunderbird ]

Camera Sounds - freeSFX & Freesound

Game Programming, Card Sounds, Bug Testing - Hey, that was me :D [ steemit - @stuffbyspencer ]

Development log