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This free asset pack includes 6 different pixel-art logos for use when linking to your site, for profile pictures on said site, or anything else you'd like to use them for.


  • Itch.io Logo
  • Twitch.tv Logo
  • Wordpress Logo
  • Twitter Logo
  • Youtube Logo

There's also a JOYSTICK logo, which I personally use for Ludum Dare, but you can use for linking to your own games, a different gaming website, or anything else you find it useful for.

Each logo has 4 different versions:

LOGOS -- Just the plain old logos on a transparent background (useful for image-links).

BACKGROUNDS -- The logo, with a nicely colored background (useful for profile-pics).

BACKGROUNDS + DROPSHADOWS -- The logo on a colored background, with an added drop shadow to make it look all nice and fancy (useful for fancy profile pics).

DROPSHADOWS -- Just like above, except without the background color, this time the background is transparent (useful for fancy image-links).

LICENCE -- Do whatever you'd like with these. You may use use them for both non-commercial and commercial use as long as you give credit to the original owner of the logo (i.e. to use the twitter logo, make sure you link back to twitter), make sure to not use any of these logos for anything other than to link to their rightful owner. This does not include, however, the joystick logo. You may use the joystick logo for anything you'd like. No credit back to me is required (although it is greatly appreciated).


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Thanks a lot! I was just doing my wix site and this come really handy :) to bad that there isn´t a gamejolt one :( anyway thanks a lot :)

thank you, I'm glad you could find them useful :)

They look pretty neat in comparison with the 2 I made lol


yours don't look half-bad, nice work!

I see your also using a indieDB logo, I don't know if you know but, I have another set of icons I made that include an indieDB one: https://stuffbyspencer.itch.io/lowrez-pixel-art-lo...

they are in a different style than these though, so they might not appeal to you.


they look pretty nice, I will probably use the devianart one too, I love good pixel art :)

thanks! :^)